Constant Fill/Fixed Speed Coupling : HLN for Combustion Engine Drive

Fluidomat Limited an ISO 9001:2008 certified Company

Fluidomat offers drain type fluid couplings HLN-LC for combustion engine3 drive. The coupling is enclosed into a stationary housing which is connected to the engine by SAE housing. Suitable flexible coupling is provided for connection to engine flywheel.

The output shaft of fluid coupling can be connected to the driven machine through an elastic coupling/cardon shaft or a pulley.

The HLN couplings meets the requirement of power take off unit with all the advantages of fluid coupling. The HLN couplings has an integral shaft driven pump for circulation of oil through the fluid coupling working circuit and through an eternal oil cooler. An electrically operated bye pass valve is provided to achieve continuous clutching and declutching duties. Other standard accessories include oil filter, Oil temperature and pressure switches and Oil level gauge. Optional accessories include - Oil cooler, quick release valve and elastic coupling / pulley on the output shaft of the fluid coupling.

  • No loads startup of Engine.
  • Absorbs stock loads and dampers torsional vibrations.
  • Smooth startups of driven machine.
  • Belt Slippage avoided in belt drives.
  • No wearing parts and long life.

Offered in three models suitable for wide range of power up to 800Kw.